A new car launch is a big deal for any automotive brand, and our team was asked to come up with an interactive experience that could show off the many features of the new Buick Envision while highlighting the rest of the Buick lineup.

As we concepted, my partner and I wanted to make sure potential customers could envision Buick fitting seamlessly into their day-to-day life. We were also faced with a common challenge for Buick; staying relevant and youthful despite their history as a “grandparent car.” In the end, we decided to create social content, 360 video, and a personality quiz that helped customers discover the best Buick for their lifestyle.

I can honestly say that this concept for the Buick Envision launch is one of my best projects to date. The Senior Copywriter who was supposed to be working with me was unavailable and as an Associate Copywriter I was forced to step up and take over. I worked long hours coming up with a concept that would stand out and that’s how Long Story Short - Take Five came to life.

Take Five could truly stand on its own. It referred to taking 5 of your friends along for a ride in the 5 seats of the Envision. It was a reference to the 5 directors that we were going to ask to produce short hyperlapse films. It played off of the director jargon, “take five,” and it also referred to the speed in which you can film the hyperlapse; taking 5 minutes and reducing it down to a short story.




The following projects were created for the Buick NCAA March Madness partnership. We had a handful of media placements for our NCAA content, including sites like Bleacher Report and CBS.   

In Mosaic we used a grid layout to show off the Buick Encore. To catch the eye of visitors on the site, we used HTML5 to animate the tiles. Each tile flipped one by one to reveal the interior and exterior features of the car and users were able to click for more information that would ultimately direct them to the Encore landing page.

These days, having the ability to stay connected on the go is a huge selling point. In this homepage takeover, we wanted to highlight one of the coolest features of the Buick Encore; in-vehicle WiFi.

As users approach the page, the site would appear as usual and then, through animation, we would catch consumers off guard as the site slowly zooms out to appear as if it’s on a tablet inside the car.  



Before it became popular, Buick was one of the first brands to allow customers to experience a 24-hour test drive.

When you’re picking out a car, taking a spin around the dealership isn’t enough. You want to see how it fits into your life and your schedule.  This landing page was created for users to learn more about the 24-hour experience, or “24 hours of happy.”

The challenge I faced while writing this page was coming up with content that delivered on the happiness message without forcing it. Massages, yoga, meditation…they’re not the first things you think of when you’re looking at a new car. But, with subtly, I think I was able to find the perfect balance.