After almost a year of talking and 9 months of dating, my soul mate, best friend, and the love of my life asked me to marry him on “our bench” near Harvard Square.

It is still a complete dream to me! All of it. The way we met and how we knew we were meant to be so soon in our relationship. And nothing explains it but God! He has blessed us like crazy and he completely orchestrated our meeting. That’s the only way it makes any sense!  

So many things had to align.

  • Texas guy -  Boston girl
  • His account was just beginning – My account was expiring in less than a week.
  • I randomly changed my search location. I didn’t even want to move to Houston but for some reason I typed it in after googling Texas zip codes. – He was magically in that zip code range! What.
  • I had my “interested in” height set to 5’10. - He lied about his height and said that’s what he was. (He’s like 5’8ish).
  • His interested in height was a minimum of 5 feet! - I'm 4'10 and I wouldn't have come up if he had searched for me.
  • I didn’t even message him, I just liked his picture – He noticed that and was intrigued enough to message a Boston girl about it.
  • Before my account expired I randomly gave him my phone number, with no hopes that it would work. We were so far a part. – He texted me anyway, why not? ;)
  • We both had to like each other enough to want to meet in person from 1800 MILES AWAY.

This is by no means normal. This is meant to be! Destiny, fate and all those cliché words. It may sound cheesy, but I believe it! It can happen? Right…?

Anyway. The past year with him has been rewarding, challenging, comforting, way too expensive, romantic, full of learning, traveling, loving and all of it has been completely worth it. He is my team mate and perfect balance. He’s the sweet to my salty. He makes me a better person. He’s a live on the edge kind of guy. He loves me despite my sarcasm and independent personality. And I love that he’s goofy, incredibly smart, super handy, and tender-hearted. I can’t wait to be his wife.

So, I’m guessing you want the story?

Well, he completely caught me off guard! I knew it would be sometime in the next few months, but I had NO CLUE it would be on Friday. I had picked up on a few hints from him the week before, but he did a good job of completely flipping on me and he got Lindy in on it to convince me that it would be a long time from now.

On Friday (another thing that made me not expect it) I was treating him to a date night since he had been such a huge help for my family during Lindy’s wedding weekend. We met for lunch (where he acted completely nonchalant WHILE HAVING THE RING IN HIS POCKET!!!) and then he explored until I got off work.

After work we headed over to Boston Public Market, and strolled through the North End. We got Italian food at the same spot we went to on the first weekend he was here, and then shared espresso and tiramisu at the oldest Italian Caffé in Boston. From there we went to see a show at the Improv Asylum! I knew he loved comedy shows and we had so much fun. You can get drinks and bring them in with you and the show was hilarious! I’ve had a busy few weeks so it was nice to have a good laugh with my guy.

In the North End. Completely oblivious!

In the North End. Completely oblivious!

On the way home he had told me he wanted to stop by Harvard Square to go back to a bench (that we have now deemed “our bench”) that was had kissed on the first night he was here. I had actually asked if he would rather go to Davis Square which is closer to my house. But since it was his night and I was treating him, I let him choose. Lucky him! I could’ve ruined the plan!!

We walked through Harvard Square toward our bench and it was super chilly! It’s right on the water and you can feel the wind coming off the water. We were sitting together and before I knew it he was down on one knee. I think I said “Nuh uh!! You’re kidding. NUH UH! WHAT. You’re kidding” about 100 times. He said some really sweet words, and of course I said “YES!” Duh. Of course. Absolutely. And that was that! Before long we will be Mr. and Mrs. Shipman.

We have a lot to figure out! Like…. Where we’ll be living, what we’ll be doing, minor stuff. But the only thing that matters is that we’ll be together! And right now that’s more than enough.



P.S. If you want to read about our story from the beginning, go here  :)

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