To my best friend, twin & the most beautiful bride.

Today my best friend gets married. Last night I shared this poem instead of a speech. We wanted to avoid any tears at the wedding tonight! So here it is for anyone that wants to read. We're so excited for today! The best is yet to come.


Where to begin…
A friendship deeper than words
Than anything.
To my twin and perfect puzzle piece.

Together from day one.

A picnic basket then big girl beds.
Sharing bath time and bed time.
Losing teeth and learning words
On the same clock.

We slept side by side
One room, two little blonde heads
Sound asleep on lamb chop sheets.
American girl dolls, stuffed animals and beanie babies
strewn across the room.

We played house and dress up.
I was orange, you were pink.
And that was that.

We matched in pigtails and overalls
twirled to Mariah Carrey, ran around to Amy Grant.
Belted out Shania
And threw it back to 70s tunes
moonwalking with Dad in the kitchen.

We were Ashley’s life size dolls
Mark’s biggest fans
Mommy’s sweeties
And Daddy’s squirrels. 

Best friends, companions and even competitors.
We were tan and tiny, and you were the tomboy.
We had swing set summers, pool party birthdays
And a childhood that can’t be beat.

 3rd grade and 5th grade classmates.
Growing older, but never apart.
And then we were middle school bound.

Straightened hair, tight jeans and
5, 7, 9. We were getting older
getting acne
and getting crushes.

You flipped down the stairs in your Timbalands.
And we both flipped out about every new release of Harry Potter.

We were avid movie goers and A.I.Mers
Away message posters and “messy bun” pros.
We were going to dances, going through drama
And going down down with Fall out Boy.

We were church camp roommates,
Bible study buddies,
And pretty disrespectful to our parents.

By eighth grade we had made it out alive.
With braces.
And then we were Panthers.

Freshman, best friends,
and lunch buddies always,
we were music blaring-loners,

Under the desk readers,
And a little too unconcerned with school.

As the morning driver, I let you sleep.
Coming into your room
Off goes the fan, on goes the light,
“get up Lindy…”
But really…get up. We’re gonna be late. 

 We were soft ball players
And Godiva chocolate cheesecake addicts.
And all we needed was each other.

You were my person. My confidant.
My forever best friend. My twin-lin.
Part of my nightly routine

“Goodnight Lindy, I love you!
I love you too!
I’ll see you in the morning.

And then, in the blink of an eye,
East and West we went.
Dividing sweatshirts,
t-shirts, jeans and shoes.

Purple and gold, Black and gold
Hugging so tight we couldn’t breathe.
And that’s when you met him.

Freshman year at ECU.
Your new best friend, your Wendy’s buddy.
Sean Barcellona.

“He’s like you in guy form” you’d said.
And I could deal with that.

You were beaming.
Laughing hysterically.
Falling in love and I loved it.

A front row seat to my little twin’s story.
I knew why you liked him.
Goofy and sweet, cute and athletic,
and he treated you like a queen.

He was your frat guy, formal date, and fellow Pirate.
New red cowboy boots, Trips to the Jersey shore.
He made you happier than ever
and that was all I had ever wanted.

 I welcomed him with open arms
And he bought me Reeses.
So I decided you could keep him around.

Years went by and I became the third wheel
that actually felt wanted
And I was thankful for that.

Never replaced, but willing to see my place.
I watched the two of you lean on each other
Through sunshine, rain,
And your fair share of storms.

You turned each other to God,
Sang with accents in the car
And reminded each other that laughter, dogs, and working out
were always the best medicine.

 6 years of ups, downs,
and lots of lattes,
I hugged you both along the way.
And so I just knew
A ring and a wedding made sense.
And I was happy to be in on it.

You’re growing up,
finding your way,
and getting married.

A friendship deeper than words
Than anything.
To my twin and perfect puzzle piece.

 Today I raise a toast and smile
knowing that you’re ending up with the only other puzzle piece
that I see fit.







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