On July 9th I went to sleep with the worlds biggest butterflies flapping around in my stomach. I mean, think about it. A guy was flying here from Texas. To Boston. FOR ME.


That’s a lot of money, and time to spend on someone you’ve never met. And it had been smooth sailing for so long, what if we met and all of these feelings just shattered? What if in person he totally sucked? What if he thought I was too short? What if he had horrible breath or something? What if what if what if… What if we didn’t do this and just let it end as a cliff hanger?

The next morning I woke up super nervous. Todd had arrived in Boston while I was asleep, and when I turned on my phone that morning I saw a few Snapchats from him as he landed in Boston and crossed the bridge into Cambridge.

My heart somersaulted. He was here. THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING. He’d gone from being 1800 miles to 2 miles away.

I did my hair & makeup, put on a new little dress that I had bought, grabbed a change of clothes for later and headed in his direction. Todd was staying at the Harvard Square Hotel, so our plan was to meet at the Harvard T Stop at 9:30. I’m a morning person after all, so he was going to have to deal with it.

Davis. > Porter. > Harvard Square > HOLLLLLLYYYYYY LORD. What am I doing?

I got off the T and headed toward the main entrance, a nervous wreck and sweating like crazy. And then I realized we hadn’t chosen an actual spot. The Harvard T stop has like 5 entrances… I probably should’ve been more specific. Crap. I shot him a text while I was still underground, strategically trying to buy more time before I went outside and met a random stranger from halfway across the country.

He was by the CVS apparently, so I stalled… mentally gave myself a pep talk, and hopped on the escalator with my heart pounding in my chest. But when I got off I didn’t see him.

Either that or he looked REALLY different from his pictures. Where was this guy? Hello...He wasn’t by the CVS…

And then I saw him coming from across the square. And he was so cuuuuute.
And holding flowers. SO SWEET.

When he came up to me for the first time I don’t really remember what happened. We hugged. And we smiled a lot. I think I said “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE HERE!” at a painfully high pitch probably about 8,000 times.

And then we had what will probably always be one of my favorites dates ever, and maybe even days.

We grabbed coffee and quiche for a breakfast at Crema Café. We talked and talked and talked. We established a vibe for walking side by side. He gave me a Texas bandana & some Mayhaw jelly. We walked in the shade through Harvard Yard.

I listened to his crazy Texas accent. We strolled through the square and perused through Black Ink and the Coop. We looked at sunglasses at Urban and Red Sox gear at City Spots. We took the T over to South Station and sat in the sun eating Clover & avocado bacon grilled cheese. And then we visited Harpoon.

I think Harpoon is when it hit me. Or us? He has said it too. We were planning on going to the 1pm tour but they were sold out, so instead we bought a flight of beers and a giant cinnamon sugar pretzel and spent the next hour and a half just hanging out, talking (cough cough.. looking at him) and figuring each other out.

And it started dawning on me that the longer I was with him, the more I liked him.

I liked him even more in person than I did online. How was this possible? Something’s gotta give! And yet he was exceeding my expectations. He was chill, he was a gentlemen, he was warm and laid back and handsome. He was smart and talkative and friendly. He was goofy and endearing. He was everything I thought he’d be and more. And we’d only been together for half a day!

And the rest of the weekend it only got better!


We got cocktails, biscuits, and BBQ at Sweet Cheeks. We sat real close at a Red Sox game against the Yankees. We walked along the water near Harvard Square. We had our first kiss.

We spent day two seeing all of the sights around Boston. We walked the Freedom Trail. He held my disgustingly sweaty hand. We shared falafel and got coffee yet again.

I took him to see my office and we walked through the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill. We visited Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. We got sangria and Italian Food and danced the night away with my friends near Fenway.

Sunday was very laid back. We went to church and had brunch with some of my best friends. We put foil on my windows in my crappy, non-air-conditioned ancient apartment. We gave up and went to Target to soak in the AC and bounce bouncy balls.

We drove around the suburbs and stopped for Sonic. We relaxed at my house and looked at books and talked on my bed for hours. We became boyfriend and girlfriend. And then that night, we held hands, got seafood and found ourselves front row to a random fireworks show right along the water. And that’s how it all began!

That's the story. That was two months ago today. And these past two months have been full of skyping, snapchatting, texting, flying, exploring NYC and Texas, hugging, learning, and laughing with each other.  He makes me the happiest. Long distance is hard work, but it feels totally worth it!

Obviously there’s no telling what the future holds. But I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that I changed my zip code to Houston that day.

Happy 2 months, babe! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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