So I guess it was in his hands now.

I gave him my phone number, my account was expiring. What else could I do? This guy lived in Houston. I was in Boston.

He wouldn’t do anything about it. What was the point? But really. What was the point?

Fun while it lasted though! Like a little blip of hope for my future. Maybe I wasn’t going to be a cat lady. Maybe there were good guys out there! I would just have to move to make them a reality. Too bad it couldn’t be him though…He was perfect. Just look at him.


Anyway, there I was. Kind of bummed. And offline. And staring at my phone every two seconds.

Annnnnnd nothing. (15 minutes later) Still nothing.

And then, a day or two or eternity later…my heart flipped as a text from an unknown number popped up on my phone.

“Hey! It’s t.ship from Match!”

Wait, what? WHAAAAAT. Really? No…He actually texted me.
It was a MIRACLE. He was real. Houston, problem averted.

And so it began. Lots and lots and LOTS of texting. 
During work, at home, at night, in the morning.
Excessive? Yes. Did I care? Nope.

So why stop the madness there?

                                  Todd - “Are you on Snapchat?”

You’re laughing aren’t you? Because if you know me at all, you know that I’m on or have been on every social media platform around. Pshhh, am I on Snapchat? Of course I’m on Snapchat. DUH. (As Mark would say, “does a one-footed duck swim in a circle?)

                                    Me - “Yep! But I have to warn you, I’m an avid snapchatter.”

He had no idea what he was signing up for.  And that’s when the real fun began.

You want to see my coffee addiction? Snap, Espresso. The truth was out. How about my dinner? Yes, I am addicted to avocado. Look I’m folding clothes! Look I’m at a concert! Look I’m working out. Look, this is me at the beach. I’m with my friend Christina. I dance around in my room for no reason. This is my roommate Laura. Meet Claudia. This is Hannah. See how addicted to chocolate I am? Look, blue sky!

Todd now had insight into the world of Laura. I was weird. And I was real!



And I got to see his world too. I saw his big blue truck. His drive to the beach. “Met” his roommates. Saw where he worked. Saw pics of him  & his fam at the ranch. Heard his (super sexy) Texas accent. Saw him sitting in a lot of Houston traffic. Got a sneak peek of his cooking skills. Yes, he can even cook.

We had taken a step in the digisphere. And somehow I’d developed a crush on this guy. He was so cute and funny. I think I even smiled when I thought about him. Which was a lot considering we’d never met. What the heck was I doing!? I was crushing on a random guy in Texas.

And then one night he texted me something like this…

“I’d like to take you out on a Skype date."
 “A Skype date?! I’ve never been on one of those!”
“Me either! We can go anywhere! My kitchen, the porch, the den... wherever you want!”

Um, that’s adorable. A Skype date huh? I said yes, of course. And we set a date. 

The first time we Skyped I think we talked for about 4 hours. You read that right. FOUR HOURS. And it flew by.

Talking to him was so easy. We just clicked. It made sense. I didn’t care about anything – what I said, how I looked, if I was funny or witty. And the best part was, by the end of the night we had even talked to each other in British accents. That’s when I knew this guy could really hang.

And so we kept it up. We skyped and snapped and texted the entire month of June. And it wasn’t just fluff. We talked about real stuff. You know, dating material.

It was officially becoming “a thing.” We weren’t a couple, but we were definitely something... A weird, nebulous, romantic, completely illogical something.

And even though we were undefined, I was definitely sure of one thing…

I REALLY liked this Texas guy. More than any other guy I’d talked to.

And I was pretty sure he liked me too…
And so… we skyped and snapped and texted some more.
And we made some plans. 

And on July 10th, Todd landed in the wonderful city of Boston. 

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