Well hello, blog world! It's been a while. I have a fun multi-part post for you. 

In case you were wondering, September 12th marks 2 months of being the girlfriend to this dreamboat right here. 

Pretty crazy, isn’t it? A tiny girl living in Boston ends up dating a cute guy from Texas. What are the chances? 

Over the past couple of months trying to figure out this whole long distance thing, I’ve fielded quite a few questions. “So…you’re dating a guy… from Texas?” Or “How did ya’ll even meet?”  

And that’s why I’ve decided to write a post about our little one-of-a-kind story. It’s a bit long, so I’ll split it up. So, here you go. This is how I met Todd...


A couple months back, around the end of April, I got fed up with my nonexistent love life and decided to try online dating. 1 in 4 relationships begin online these days! At least that’s what I had heard via eHarmony commercials. So I thought, why not! I’m not getting any younger. And it will probably be super entertaining. So, I bit the bullet and bought a one month subscription to (If I was going to do online dating, I was going to filter through sketchy people by paying for a service – assuming that most guys just looking for a hookup buddy weren’t going to spend money on it.) 

I created a profile, (yes, I included the fact that I was a 4’10 pocket-sized 23 year old) uploaded some pictures and let the messages roll in. 

HOLY WEIRD. Some of these guys were the definition of sketch. Like, really? Did you really send that as a message to someone? Wow, dude… Bless your heart. 

LIKE WHAT. Who writes that?? Did girls fall for any of this? Did he really just use the word “dazzling” in everyday conversation? No thank you. These guys were not fitting the bill. 

And, aside from the weirdness, I knew one of the things that was surely limiting my results in Boston was the fact that I was looking for a Christian guy. It’s not exactly the Bible belt up here. And settling for someone that listed “Christian/Protestant” on their profile but was looking for “Atheist/Jewish/Buddhist/etc” in a girl just didn’t make any sense to me.

So after a week or two of straight up duds, it occurred to me that maybe Boston wasn’t the best place to look. I’m from North Carolina. I'm a grits eatin', country music listenin', Bible-readin, Southern girl. Not sure any of these “Yankees” were gonna cut it.

So, with encouraging yet skeptical (and slightly judgmental) laughs & looks from my roommates, I decided to do a little “social experiment.” A lot of my best friends had plans for grad school, weddings, etc. in the fall of 2016, so I had always told myself I d be closing the Boston chapter of my life around that time. So, even though it was way far in advance, why not search for guys strategically based on where I might want to move? 

Yep. I became a MAJOR weirdo and changed my search zip code on Match. It still said that I lived in Boston, but I started looking at guys in Southern cities just for the heck of it. It was fun! It was pointless. Nothing would come of it. I wasn't going to date these guys. But it was fun! Like research… maybe it would help me figure out where to move. Up my chances, if you will. 

So I looked in Nashville. And Dallas. And Charlotte, Austin, Raleigh, Charleston, Atlanta, and on and on. And then, for absolutely no reason at ALL (especially since I had never even considered living there) I looked in Houston. 

And that’s when I saw this super attractive guy in my search results. Not only that, but he was a Christian (like, a real one), he liked to travel, he was smart,  handsome, southern, he played the piano, he was adventurous, and he liked “long romantic walks to the fridge.” He seemed pretty perfect (besides that fact that he lived 8 million miles away.)  So, just for kicks, I clicked like on one of his profile pictures and went on my merry way. 

Well, a couple of days passed without a single thought about this random Texan, (surely consisting of messages from 40 year old men calling me a “fun-sized piece of eye candy”) and then, on May 4th to be exact, I saw a familiar face in my inbox.  T.ship had sent me a message.

Sadly I didn’t save it. But it was something like… “What are you doing creepin’ on Texas guys? Are ya doing some window shopping?” 

Hahaha what!? Ballsy! And yes, I am in fact doing some window shopping. He had caught me. And he was funny, which made him even more attractive. I needed to message this guy back. Because why the heck not!?

So I responded. And so did he. And we messaged back and forth. And back and forth.  And again, and again, and again. 

And after about 3 weeks of messaging him, talking about everything from God to food to dogs to whatever else you could think of,  I got an email informing me that my subscription was about to expire. What was I going to do? Just stop talking to this guy? 

No… that didn’t make any sense. It made wayyyy more sense to continue talking to a random guy I’d never meet that lived hundreds of miles away. Yeah, much more logical.

So, game time decision, I told him my account was about to expire and even though nothing was going to happen… I gave him my phone number.

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