In honor of my Digitas anniversary, here's a little list of twenty things I've learned so far. 

1.     Positivity breeds productivity.

2.     Sometimes your best ideas get killed.

3.     Coffee was, is, and always will be your best friend.

4.     Constructive criticism is the only way you’ll get better.

5.     Don’t get attached to headlines or ideas.

6.     Work is fun if you want it to be. You control your own attitude.

7.     Writing is totally subjective.

8.     Speak up if you can add value to the conversation. Do it!

9.     Hard work really does pay off.

10. People like puns. (If they say they don’t, they’re lying.)

11. You are not your job.

12. Don’t be afraid to reduce, reuse, and recycle ideas.

13. Take notes.

14. Dream big! They might buy it.

15. If you randomly dress up, people will make jokes about you interviewing somewhere else.

16. Respect - you get what you give.

17. Write it out and then whittle it down. Concise is nice.

18. That being said, people don’t like rhymes. (If they say they don’t, they’re not lying)

19.  Take advantage of mornings.

20. You can always, always find dessert.


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