5/7/15 - #tbt

I used to write poems all the time so I'm considering this a #tbt post. It's been a while since I wrote one! And yesterday's post inspired me. So here's a little poem about time! Always out of our grasp, nah mean?


It is but a wisp.

Floating fluff,
a puff of dust 
or lost cotton.

I reach out 
clinch my fist,
come up air.

if I cast a line
I'll catch it.
Shiny, sparkling moments.

Left staring at the reel.

Hands point onward,
not mine,
a Father's.

"Look around," He says,
"take it in."

And there, 
I see it.

Just then, time. 

Dandelion petals,
minutes spin, 
complete 360s.

Twirling, wind strewn ballerinas.

grasping now,
I run. 

Reach out,
clinch my fist,
come up air.

"You missed."

look around," He says,
"take it in."

I listen.
Unfurl fingers.

always heart.
Never hand."