Well, I have officially been a Bostonian for 2 years! WHAT!!? I can't even believe it!!! 

When I first moved here, the only people I knew were my coworkers. I had no close friends in the area, no family within driving distance, no church, no community, nothing. It was just little ole Southern me taking on a new Northern city. It was a leap of faith, but I knew God had something great in store ! 

It wasn't all smooth sailing, but after a couple months I had found a church, made some amazing connections, gotten plugged in with a small group, and found the best friends I'd ever had. I am still in complete shock at how God has blessed me since I've been here. This verse rings so true in my life! 

Seriously, my time here has exceeded all expectations. My friends are my people, who I can count on for anything. Trips, laughs, tears, hugs, prayers. They're there.  My job pushes me & allows me to be creative, write, and do what I love every day. My church fuels me & helps me grow week by week. My old creaky house feels like my own little home.  And, most of all, Boston has found a permanent place inside my heart, where it'll stay no matter how long I live here.

I saw this old post pop up on my Facebook this morning and it made me tear up! Man, I had no idea!

God really is so good. And I owe him all the glory for blessing me in this city. Without him, I would have been so lost! 

Happy 2 years Boston. I sure do love calling you home!

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