In less than 2 months (WHAT!?) one of my favorite, prettiest, best Boston gals will be tying the knot to the love of her life. 

I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca for about a year or so, but she quickly became a cherished friend and she continues to be one of the most encouraging people in my life. 

I remember when she first started dating David, and every time we met up I loved hearing all about their relationship as they fell in love. Rebecca and I have a shared love of coffee, Gilmore Girls and fashion, an appreciation for sarcasm, and a knack for endless chitchat. I am so excited to see her get married; she really is the sweetest friend around. 

And on that “sweet” note, here is a little cocktail I’ve created for an upcoming celebration, inspired by her and her man.

 I named it “Double Dare” for a few reasons…
1.    Because falling in love is a pretty daring thing to do! Choosing to commit your life to someone else is risky, but it is definitely, definitely worth it. 
2.     “Double” because it has two shots – one orange, one raspberry.
3.    And “Dare” because it combines the first two letters of their names, David & Rebecca.

So, let’s all raise a fruity, pink cocktail to the soon to be Cartes as they prepare to embark on their exciting adventure of true love! I double dare you. 

Laura MaddoxComment