Farewell, 2015!

I know it’s a little early for a recap...

But this week I've been reflecting a little bit over my morning cup of coffee and during that time I started thinking about all of the ways in which God has blessed me, shaped me, and helped me make it through this year.


2015 was an eventful one. In 2015 I said goodbye to some of my best Boston friends. I hit the slopes, saw the Red Sox, and went to lots of concerts. I lost my grandmother to ALS and I watched Lindy & Sean cope with the passing of his parents. I visited my twin and a friend in NYC, went to a few beautiful weddings, and started life in my Boston/Somerville apartment for the third consecutive year. I got my wisdom teeth out. I worked hard, quit cooking for Café, and spent a few late nights in the office. I tried online dating, where I met the guy of my dreams. And visited Texas, Detroit, and LA for the first time. I ate too many sweets, made my own green juice, tried new Cooking Light recipes, and was bored, too busy, happy, sad, laughing, in love and everything in between.

 Life sure is a roller-coaster! And in the midst of so much craziness, God has always been there. Whether I’m ignoring him like I too often do, or acknowledging him as I should. Obeying him or brushing him off. He’s there, and his plans for my life continue to blow mine out of the water.

I want to remember that as a start 2016. And try to step back from my OCD, planner tendencies and just let him guide me on this crazy ride. I’ll say that every year and who knows if I’ll ever get better at it! Thank the Lord for grace.  

 So anyway, here are a few updates on my life since I’ve been so MIA.

YEAR NUMBER 3!!! What!?! Still perfect. Still beautiful. It’s home and I love it. There is no place I love more than this city. The longer I’m here the more I think I may never leave… maybe. (If only my family and boyfriend weren’t so far away.)

Work has been NUTS. It feels like I have been working a lot this year. Especially in the past few months. I’ve been on GM for over a year now, but I’ve also been able to do work for Baskin Robbins, Boston Properties, our internal award show, Goodyear, and EyeBuyDirect. It’s been an adventure! And it’s definitely pushed me to get better at what I do. I also got to go on a product video shoot in Detroit, and then we edited them in LA. I'm always learning something new! And I’m almost at my three-year mark...crossing my fingers that a promotion or something will come through soon. But I know God has a plan.

My fam is as wonderful as ever. I miss them. Lindy & Sean are engaged. Ash & John are about to have a fourth little munchkin. Mark is in Amman, Jordan being super cool (per usual.) And the rents and all the other branches are still happy & healthy. How did I get so lucky? They’re the best.

I posted the story so you already know - but Todd and I have been talking online since the beginning of May and dating since we met for the first time in July. I can’t believe that pretty soon it’ll be our 6-month anniversary. This year has flown! I think we've done a pretty good job of making time to see each other, even though it’s tough to take off work and definitely an added expense. But he is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I never fully realized it until now, but relationships are definitely hard work. But so worth it. And he challenges me to be better, treats me so well, and makes me the happiest girl ever. #cheese. Maybe one day we’ll even get to live in the same city! I am so thankful for the crazy way God brought us together! Don’t know what I’d do without him.

These days I feel like I’m barely home! Charlotte, Texas, away for work, whatever. I feel like I’ve barely gotten to engage with my friends, small group, or keep up regular attendance at my church to see the people I love so much up here. So I’m really looking forward to that next year, hopefully! PLEASE, MORE FRIEND TIME. They’re all so precious to me. But, with Lindy’s wedding in March and Emily’s wedding probably sometime soon after, I know I’ll still be on the go-go-go. Here’s to hoping I get some quality Boston weekends in there somewhere!

 And here are a few of my (yeah-right-but-lets-hope) goals for 2016:
1.     Eat healthier. Get in better shape for Lindy & Emily’s weddings.
2.     Floss daily. (Seems easy right? NOPE)
3.     Do my devotion every day. I’ve done it for the past 5! (Which shouldn’t be a victory but it definitely is.)
4.     Spend less. What a crazy idea…
5.     Read more books.
6.     Cook more new recipes! And host dinners so I don’t have to eat them alone.

And that pretty much sums it up.  So exciting, right? 
I’m hoping for snow. Not saving enough. Still addicted to coffee.
And so, so blessed.

Cheers to another amazing year.  Merry Christmas!

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