Bestie's back!

My gorgeous Ecuadorian best friend has finally returned from Paris! YAY! I am so, so excited. I know it'll be a bit of an adjustment for her after a whirlwind 6 months, but I feel so lucky to have her back in Boston! 

I saw her a bit last week, picked her up from the airport, and today we got to catch up a bit more. I love friendships that require zero effort. Claud's always been so easy to talk to and such an encouragement to me. I love her passion for life, her pursuit of God, her genuine heart and her spontaneity. Whenever we talk about how our futures will play out, the possibilities are endless and everything is within reach. I love being friends with people who dream as much as me!


Today we just sat on the couch a bit, watched some Downton, talked about our lives, and looked at a few pictures of when I visited her across the pond. That trip will always be a highlight of mine. I'd go back in two seconds if I could! And I always feel like traveling together proves the strength of your friendship. You need someone you can navigate the streets with, dance with, share a bed with, be exhausted with, party with, catch a plane with, whatever. 


   A little design inspiration from our trip to Toledo. 


A little design inspiration from our trip to Toledo. 

We've already got some ideas bumpin' around in our heads for 2015. I can't wait to see what's to come in the adventures of Cla & La. Only time will tell! 

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