Living Room Mood

In the coming weeks, the Hudson House will become home to three new girls! Not only am I excited to have new friends moving in, but also a chance to make the space feel a little more like home.

In preparation for any big adult purchases that were bound to come my way, I had been saving up a little bit of extra money. And, good thing I did, because it turned out I would need that cash for some new living room furniture! And I don't mind, I love a good investment!

Since my old roommates owned pretty much all of our decor, it's now up to me and my future roommates to fill up the house. So, with most of our seating already gone, I went ahead and picked out a couch and loveseat to avoid 2 months of one chaise lounge. It was pricey, but I'm really excited about it and I know I'll be able to use it for years down the road. They're actually being delivered this Saturday! I can't wait to cozy up on them.

Once I picked out the couch, I was excited to start planning all of the "fun stuff." To help me get inspired, I made this mood board for what I want my living room to look like. We can't paint, so my walls will continue to be a blueish gray. I'd also like to do a frame cluster or gallery wall above the couch, use lots of neutrals, wood, and maybe some navy accents. To incorporate the wall color, I decided to go for an earthy color scheme.  It actually turned out to be a bit like the mountains in the fall ...But with elephants.

I've included a picture of my new couch, the fabric patterns I've chosen for throw pillows, and other images and colors that inspired me. I can't wait to see how it turns out! Ah, home sweet home.


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